Dr.Che Kuong Hon, 1st Vice Chairman of SAAPH, addressed at Qilu University of Technology

Dr. Che Kuong Hon from Macau SAR and his colleagues visited Qilu University of Technology on 17th November 2017.  Dr. Che subsequently gave a speech on “World Sport University and The trend and current situation of sport culture industry” in a Seminar at Meeting Room 352 of the Administration Building of the University.  The Seminar was officiated by Qilu University’s President Chen Jiachuan and attended by Vice Presidents Kuang Weiwu, Zhou Youbo, members of Organizing Committee of World Sport University and teaching staff and students of School of Sports and Cultural Industry and School of Business of the Qilu University.


Dr.Che Kuong Hon, as from the perspective of his learning experience, participation of international sport organizations and the honour obtained, introduced in detail the history, development and works of SportAccord and International Olympic Committee.  Dr. Che also discussed about the trend and present situation of the international sport culture industry, the facilities and manpower of SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters, the objectives and aims of World Sport University and the preliminary idea of fitting World Sport University into Qilu University of Technology.  The vision, humour and the easy-to-understand approach of Dr. Che’s address impressed all the participants and received warm applause.


President Chen Jiachuan then expressed his gratitude to Dr. Che’s visit and acknowledged his effort on the collaboration of SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters and Qilu University of Technology.  President Chen was expecting the World Sport University to be settled in Qilu University of Technology following Dr. Che’s endeavour.


Dr.Che Kuong Hon, with a Doctoral Degree of Law from Xiamen University, is the 1st vice chairman of SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters.  He is a IJF 8 Dan Judo master, an international qualified Judo coach and referee and Chief Instructor ( Professor ) of Macao  Police University.  Dr. Che is currently the President of International Combat Association, Vice Chairman of Federation of Macau-China Sport General Associations and Chairman of Macau Judo Association.

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