Ma Wenguang, the Chairman, Dr.Che Kuong Hon, the Executive Vice Chairman and YIN Jian, the Vice Chairman of SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters together with XIAN Dongmei, the President of Chinese Judo Association, following the invitation by Vizer Marius, President of IJF, attended the IJF Grand Slam in Tokyo, Japan in December of 2017.  During the visit, Ma, Che & Yin met with Marius to reach a Strategic Co-operation Agreement between SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters and International Judo Federation.  The two organizations will work together in all scopes to promoting the sport of Judo in China and Asia-Pacific region.  The co-operations include the provision of all kinds of training programmes, plus professional degree courses, under the two organizations’ educational arms to Judo athletes worldwide.



Vizer Marius was awarded by SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters as Honorary President following the invitation of Chairman Ma Wenguang to mark his support to SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters in promoting various kinds of sports in China.



Strategic Co-Operation Agreement reached by SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters and International Judo Federation

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