11-05-2018 news

On May 11, 2018, in the Headquarters of the General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations, the GAAPSF signed an official cooperation agreement with the Tethys Education Group of France, which means that the "Young Talent Footballer Plan" which will benefit 1,000 people each year started officially .

       The Ganeral Association of Asia-Pacific Sports Federations is a non-profit comprehensive sports organization in Asia and the Pacific region. It recognizes and accepts the IOC's and the GAISF's constitutions and guidelines. It aims to organize comprehensive sports competitions. sports and education activities, training, competitions, training, medical services, scientific research, marketing and other activities of the related fields. And it contributes to the exchange and development in various countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region.

         The Tethys Education Group of France is a French-registered education company that implements the Chinese national “Belt and Road” guiding ideology and is 100% held by the China Guotai Yongchang Equity Investment Fund. France's Saint Augustine International School has 292 years of history, there are 2500 students enrolled in the school, besides of international Chinese language teaching, the school has an excellent football team, which had won 16 times intercollege champion titles. Through cooperation with the government of Bitche City, France, the school has a complete football teaching package and on this basis, it cooperates with the German Cologne Sports Academy, the ROGON Football Management Academy, the French Metz Football Club Youth Training Academy, the French Squirrel Football Club, the Alsace Football Association and other institutions.


        This cooperation will leverage the advantages of the GAAPF, the French Tethys Education Group and the World Sports University. Through the international resource platform of the GAAPF, the national sports culture represented by Chinese martial arts will be further and better developed to the world, while actively promoting the exchange and collaboration between Chinese and international football culture, deep cooperation in the field of football education and training will carry out, so that Chinese national sports culture and international advanced sports culture will have in-depth exchanges and integration.


        The two sides will actively carry out the “Football Eagles” youth football talent program, which will train per year around 1,000 youths of 12-17 years of age, with sport potential, in order to reserve and prepare talents for football development. At the same time, international U12-17 professional teaching system and inter-school competitions will be held between China and Europe. Based on the training of professional talents and increase of actual combat experience, necessary conditions for professional trainings will be provided to professionals involved in football like coaches, physical coaches, medical rehabilitators and tactics analysts.

         As informed, the two parties will also cooperate in the establishment of the "One Belt One Road" youth soccer education and training base at the St. Austin International School. Using the school's hardware facilities and the 120,000 square-meter campus, and the 20,000 square-meter military camp renovation program as basis, and base on the Chinese diploma education, the U12-U19 overseas football professional system education training for Chinese youth students will be implemented ; at the same time, the Chinese athletes' rehabilitation base will be established within 18 months so that Chinese athletes can enjoy the world's top sports rehabilitation equipment and rehabilitation services in the European Black Forest Recreation Area.     (Xinhua Online: Haihe)
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