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17-04-2018 news

On April 17th, the inaugural meeting of the Shandong Provincial Campus Football Association and the First Congress were held at the Changqing Campus of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences). Jiang Feng, the Director of the Social Organisation Bureau of Shandong Province, Zhao Fuxing, the Deputy Department Head of the Shandong Provincial Department of Sport Hygine and Art of Education,  Hu Zhonghua, Deputy Director of the Shandong Province Football Administration Center and Ma Wencai, Vice President of the Shandong Academy of Sciences attended the meeting. More than 150 member representatives attended the meeting. Yu Tao, Dean of the College of Sports and Cultural Industries of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) presided over the meeting.

       The General Assembly approved by deliberation the “Statute of the Association (Draft)”, “The First Term Development Plan of the Association” and “The Rules and Regulations (Draft) of the Association”. The Assembly also elected the members of the first council of the Shandong Provincial Campus Football Association (SPCFA), including: the president, vice presidents and secretary-generals . The 151 units, including: the Jinan Minghu Primary School and the Dongying Experimental Middle School were elected as the first council members of the SPCFA. 60 Units, including the Qingdao Sixty-Sixth Middle School and the Caozhou Wushu School were selected as the first permanent council members of the SPCFA. Ma Wencai was elected as President of the SPFA. Fu Yukun, Yang Wendong, Sha Hongcheng, Chen Jin, Yang Lei, Chen Zenghong, Zhao Xiaoli, Xu Lianfu, and Pan Mengyan were elected as the vice presidents. Yu Tao was elected as secretary general.

        Ma Wencai spoke at the meeting on behalf of the leading group of the association. He said that the leading group of this association shoulders the important task of promoting the good and fast development of campus football in our province. It must fulfill its mission, fulfill its responsibility, and unite the majority of its members under the leadership of the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department. They must get support from the Sociaty in order to promote campus football and reserve talents in Shandong Province. He hoped that the association should actively coordinate the work among its members and turning the association as the platform for communicate to provide more resources and information for its members. According to the development of each member unit, there is a targeted deepening. The grassroots will provide relevant guidance to members and promote the popularization and improvement of campus football in the province. Through on-the-spot investigations, holding seminars and other forms, the associaton actively promotes the exchanges and cooperation among the various member units, and helps the member units to ensure the popularity and improvement of campus football. The majority of member units should actively support the work of the association, maintain contact and communication with the association, make suggestions for the work of the association, and actively participate in activities such as exchanges, training, and events organized by the association. Everyone is making concerted efforts to contribute to the development of campus football in Shandong Province.

        Jiang Feng, Zhao Fuxing, and Hu Zhonghua successively addressed the meeting. They congratulated the establishment of the Shandong Provincial Association of Campus Football Associations and expressed their ardent hopes for the association. It is hoped that the association will explore the establishment of a scientific and efficient organizational system and operation mechanism, create first-class societies and brand social organizations, and make active contributions to the development of the campus football undertaking in Shandong Province and the development of the national football cause.


        It is learnt that the Shandong Provincial Football Association was established jointly by football special schools in Shandong Province, various education and private training and scientific research service institutions for campus football, experts and scholars who are engaged in the development of campus football activities, and enterprises and institutions related to campus football. The association is a non-profit social organization registered and approved by the Social Organization Registration Authority of the Civil Affairs Department of Shandong Provincial. The aim of the association is to unite football enthusiasts at all levels and in all types of schools, and actively promote and develop school football, in order to continuously improve the overall level of school football, promote students' physical fitness, enhance students' physical fitness, and expand domestic and international football sports. Exchanges and exchanges. The association accepts the guidance and supervision of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and of the Shandong Provincial Civil Affairs Department.

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