02-03-2018 news

General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF), previously known as SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters  signed memorandum with Strategic Partner, International Judo Federation to promote Judo in China and in the countries of One Belt One Road

    On February 28, 2018, five members of the EC of the General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF), including the Executive Chairman Ma Wenguang, Executive Vice Chairman Che Kuong Hon, Vice Chairman Xu Chengtao, Vice Chairman Gao Mingduo and Vice Chairman Yin Jian, Vvisited Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and met with the President  of the International Judo Federation, Mr Marius Vizer, both sides conducted a two-day close meeting and obtained very fruitful result. The President of IJF was awarded the title of honorary president of the GAAPSF, both parties became strategic partners and will  work together to promote Judo and sports industry in countries along One Belt One Road.


      After meeting, Ma Wenguang, executive chairman of the GAAPSF and Marius Vizer, president of the International Judo Federation signed the memorandum on behalf of the two international organisations.

     A frank and friendly discussion and exchange of opinions was carried out on the development of the sports and sports industries. Both parties are willing to work together to promote a full-scale long-term strategy cooperation in sports for all, traditional sports, sports industry, sports education and culture, in particular Judo.

     Chairman Ma Wenguang stated that the collaboration was far-reaching and meaningful.  Ma expected that both parties would be definite assistances in the enhancement of the working efficiency in the development of Sport as well as sport economy and sport industry in countries along One Belt One Road.  He looked to work with IJF as Strategic Partners to upgrading the Global Sport Development Model.

    Chairman Ma Wenguang, on behalf of the GAAPSF, issued the letter of appointment for Honorary President of the General Assembly of the GAAPS for Mr. Marius Vizer. 

     With the effort of Mr. CHE Kuong Hon, the 1st vice chairman  of the EC of the GAAPSF, the new President of the Chinese Judo Association, Mrs Xi DongMei and the Secretary-General Hu Weixing also met with Mr. Marius Vizer, president of the International Judo Federation, and discussed about the development of Judo in China. International Judo Federation promised to fully support the development of judo in China, and wishes to organise One Belt One Road International Judo Competition in China together in cooperation with the GAAPSF and the China Judo Association.
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