Leaders of WSU visited the Shandong Yingcai University and discussed about future cooperation between the two universities.

        On January 01, 2019, The group of EC members of the GAAPSF leaded by Mr. MA Wenguang, visited the Shandong Yingcai University. Both parties had a very good discussion and exchange of views on the cooperation between the two universities.

       The World Sports University is an International High Education Institute, which is under the GAAPSF, agreed to assist the Shandong Yingcai University to establish the Faculty of Physical Education, which will become a partner of the WSU and branch college of the WSU.

       The Shangdon Yincal University is a private university located in Jinan with two campus of area over one thousand acre, and with around 35000 students. The EC members of the GAAPSF visited the different faculties of the Yingcai University, gave very high appraisal to the Yingcai University, specially to their Pre-School Education Faculty.

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